EPR Facility


Welcome... the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Facility in the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary College.

On these pages you will find links providing a brief overview of some of the equipment we have in the facility, a way of downloading previously run spectra, a booking system and a means to contact the facility. Also available is a simple program for converting EPR spectra from the Bruker format to a CSV file so that standard spreadsheet packages are able to carry out basic manipulation. In the near future the facility hopes to expand to contain an introduction to EPR, as well as guides and hints for those who desire to utilise this powerful technique to complement their research.

Queen Mary staff should be able to access acquired spectra, place spectrometer bookings via the ID-check system using the relevant links above. External users wishing to access data or make a booking for spectrometer time should contact the EPR Facility Manager via the 'Contact' link above.

For details of pricing for experimental work, please see the following PDF documents:

Please take the time to review the Service Level Agreement and complete any paperwork as necessary. Please feel free to contact Dr. M. M. Roessler in the event of any queries.

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